FAQs about FreeFly881:


What is FreeFly881?

FreeFly881 is a virtual global phone company for voice callings for Businesses. It connects businesses and customers globally through localized communication in the internet world. No matter whether you are a babysitter, taxi driver, real estate agent or bed and breakfast business, you want customer from anywhere in the world to call you for business matter. FreeFly881 has a unique global phone directory for business. It incorporates all registered users from anywhere in the world. Businesses and their profile can be searched by anyone worldwide using their Company Name, First/ Last Name, FreeFly881 Phone Number or Email Address. Coming soon features include search by keywords and business verification account setup. The My Link and About Me features allow businesses to provide their business web link and business profile for customer information. With more than 30 languages supported by FreeFly881 on both iOS and Android platforms, customer can find a business by typing in their prefer language in global phone directory searching. FreeFly881 supports iPhones, iPads, Android mobile phones, Android tablets and VoIP Phone Sets. FreeFly881 is free for download, free for registration and free for use of all features. FreeFly881 eliminates any roaming charges of voice calls and is Ad free application. One World. One Call.


Who should use FreeFly881?

FreeFly881 is designed for businesses for free voice calling globally without boundaries. People believe that voice calling should be free nowadays with internet access, no roaming fee or limited inbound and outbound talking minutes. Customers can search for businesses in FreeFly881 global phone directory to make voice calls for their needs. Once the business is found, the customer can call the FreeFly881 number and get voice connection with the business. FreeFly881 does not require any Invite/Accept process for voice calling. All FreeFly881 users have their own unique FreeFly881 phone number, not ID user names. Say Good Bye to any roaming charges of voice calls in FreeFly881. To get your FreeFly881 phone number, you can download FreeFly881 App from Apple App Store or Google Play for free.


Why should I use FreeFly881?

FreeFly881 helps users find business service needs and connects business people and regular users around the world to exchange business information and search for their business. It’s all free over the internet or Wi-Fi.


Will FreeFly881 cost me anything?

Absolute free! FreeFly881 is free for download, free for registration and free for use of all FreeFly881 features. FreeFly881 believes that free sharing is an important factor in the internet world.


How do I call other FreeFly881 users?

All voice calls are made by FreeFly881 phone numbers, not ID user names. People can make voice calls to any FreeFly881 users by having their cellular numbers or FreeFly881 generated phone numbers.


Do I need to invite FreeFly881 users for voice calling?

No, FreeFly881 does not require an Invite/Accept process. The voice calling method is similar to the cellular calling method. You can make calls directly by dialing FreeFly881 phone numbers. That is an important factor in the business world. FreeFly881 app is very easy to use.


What FreeFly881 phone number will I get?

People will be using their own cellular number or random generated number. ● If a user signs-up using their cellular number, then their FreeFly881 phone number will be: 881 + < Country Code > + < User cellular phone number > ● If a user signs-up by choosing randomly generated number, then their FreeFly881 phone number will be: 882 + < 10 digits random number >


Does FreeFly881 support stationed phone set?

Yes, it supports VoIP phone set that is available in the market. VoIP phone set is very practical for office use.


What other devices does FreeFly881 support?

Other than the VoIP phone set, FreeFly881 also supports iPhones, iPads, Android mobile phones, and Android tablets. Please visit Apple App store or Google Play Store for more information.


Can I call landlines or cellular numbers?

No. All calls must be made within FreeFly881. FreeFly881 is building a total new global phone system in the internet world.


Why is the FreeFly881 phone numbering system so important?

It provides a true global voice connection, not by using user IDs or Names (like Skype to search for others). All FreeFly881 phone numbers are distinct and unique.


What are the calling boundaries?

There are none. FreeFly881 connects business and people worldwide through localized communication in the internet world. One World. One Call.


Why My Link and About Me features are so important?

The My Link feature allows you to display your business’s web link, products, services, and profile information to people in the world. The About Me feature allows you to tell people about your business and profile. It helps promote your business or profile globally.


Can I make emergency calls?

No. The FreeFly881 phone network system only works within the application. Landlines or cellular telecom networks have to be used to make emergency calls.


Can I contact FreeFly881 for support or comments?

Absolutely. Please click “Contact Us” in www.freefly881.com for support or comments.


Why can’t I make calls to others in FreeFly881?

FreeFly881 only works with good and stable internet signals (2G/3G/4G or Wi-Fi); service provider’s reception is not used. Please check if your mobile data or Wi-Fi is switched on.


How can I record my own greeting message over the default greeting?

Instead of using the default greeting message, FreeFly881 allows you to create (multiple) greeting message(s) of your own. 1. Press the Menu > Settings > Greeting Message 2. Press “Change Your Own” 3. Input the name of the greeting message you want to create 4. Tap “Start Recording” and say your message 5. Tap “Stop Recording when you’re done. You can Play the message to hear what you have recorded 6. Press accept to choose your own greeting message You can delete your greeting message if you don’t like them. If there are no more custom greeting messages, it will automatically select the default greeting message. 1. Select your greeting message you want delete 2. Tap x beside the greeting message you chose


How can I clear history for all or individual records?

There are 2 places to clear call history ● From Settings 1. Press the Menu > Settings > Clear History 2. Select “All Users” or “Specific Users” 3. Select the time frame of your choice 4. Tap clear ● From Calls History ○ You can delete all calls history from tapping the delete button at the top ○ Or, open the call history of a user and tap the delete button to delete log with them ○ Or, delete a single call with a user by opening their call history ■ iOS ● Swipe the call left and tap “Delete” ■ Android ● Hold the call until selected and tap delete at the top


How can I block or unblock a number?

There are 2 ways to block a number. ● From Settings 1. Press the Menu > Settings > Block Numbers 2. Press add symbol 3. Enter the number you want to block and press ok ● From Contacts 1. Open contact you want to block 2. Press block on top right of the contact’s screen 3. Number is added to the block list To unblock a contact number,navigate to the Block Numbers screen in Settings 1. Press the Menu > Settings > Block Numbers 2. Tap x on the contacts you want to remove from the blocked number list


How can I record voice calls?

There are 2 ways you can record voice calls: ● During a call press the Rec button to record the current call ● You can set a number to automatically record the call when the call is initiated 1. Press the Menu > Settings > Call Recordings 2. Press add symbol 3. Enter the number you want to record in future calls and press ok To remove a user from automatic voice call recording, navigate to the Call Recordings screen in Settings 1. Press the Menu > Settings > Call Recordings 2. Tap x on the contacts you want to remove from the call recordings list


How can I record voicemail?

There are 2 ways you can record voicemail: ● From Contact List 1. Press the voicemail icon for the contact you want to send to 2. Select the time and date you want to send the voicemail 3. Press “Start Recording” to record and press stop when your done 4. You can “Play” your recorded message or “Record Again” 5. Press the check button to send ● From Dial Pad 1. Enter the number you want to send a voicemail to 2. Press the voicemail icon to record 3. Select the time and date you want to send the voicemail 4. Press “Start Recording” to record and press stop when your done 5. You can “Play” your recorded message or “Record Again” 6. Press the check button to send You can delete the recorded voicemail through the Outgoing Voicemail screen. 1. From Dial Pad, press the mail icon on top 2. Press x beside the recorded voicemail you wish to delete


How many voice mails do I have?

Every user has up to 10 voicemails.


What is the Silent Hours and Exception feature?

FreeFly881 allows disabled audio and vibration notifications for a certain time by setting a start time and end time. This can be beneficial if you are in a meeting or reasons where you do not want to be disrupted.
However, FreeFly881 offers an Exception feature. You can select and add other FreeFly881 users to receive notifications from them even in silent hours.


How can I search FreeFly881 users?

In your contact list, you can search for specific users you wish to find without having to scroll up and down. Or, in “Add Contact”, you can search for any users that are registered with FreeFly881 application.


How do I register?

You can sign up a FreeFly881 account with your own mobile phone number, randomly generated number, or with your own social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or LinkedIn).


How do I add contact?

There are 2 ways you can add a contact through FreeFly. ● Add Contact 1. Press the Menu > Add Contact 2. Enter contacts phone number and press check 3. Press on information of contact 4. Press add button to add contact ● Dial Pad 5. Open dial pad. 6. Enter contact’s FreeFly881 number. 7. Press “Add” button on lower left of the screen.


How do I edit/ delete contact?

You can edit or delete contact through opening their contact information screen. ● Edit contact 1. Open contact’s information page 2. Press contacts avatar to change image 3. Choose new image from gallery or take a photo ● Delete contact 4. Open contact’s information page 5. Press on delete icon


How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account within FreeFly881 application. However, once you confirm the deletion, you cannot undo the deletion or restore any information. You will be removed from your friends’ contact list, call histories, and become unsearchable. ● Delete account 1. Press Menu button > Settings > Delete Account 2. An email with you deletion code will be sent to you 3. Enter the deletion code and press “confirm to delete account”


How do I uninstall FreeFly881?

To uninstall FreeFly881: ● iOS 1. Press and hold onto the FreeFly881 icon until icon starts to shake on the Home Screen 2. Tap the x icon once on the top corner of the FreeFly881 icon 3. Tap “Delete” to confirm the removal 4. Press the Home button to exit app removal mode ● Android 1. You go to your phone’s Settings > Apps or Applications > FreeFly881 > Uninstall 2. Press “ok” to confirm uninstallation of FreeFly881


I cannot sign-in to FreeFly881, what can I do?

There are various reasons for this issue. It can be caused by an internet connection problem; Wi-Fi or mobile data could be off or there could be problem with your internet service provider. To check whether your Wi-Fi or mobile data is on, go to your device’s local settings. Alternatively, it is possible that your sign-in information is incorrect. Your FreeFly881/ email or password may be entered incorrectly. If you have forgotten your password, you can restore it.
If either methods does not work, contact support.


Why is there a problem with my audio quality?

The application uses internet connection. The strength of the internet signal can affect the quality of the audio. If you have a strong internet connection and still have bad audio quality, the other user’s internet connection may be problem.


What should I do if I forgot my FreeFly881 password?

If you forgot your password you can reset it. 1. In the login screen, press “Forgot Password” 2. Enter your FreeFly881 number or email and press Restore, a password recovery link will be sent to your email 3. Open the weblink within the email and enter new password 4. Select change to save new password


Why can I not receive any notifications?

Your notifications settings might be turned off. To check your notifications press Menu > Settings > Notifications. Each element is either turned on or off.
If problem continues to occur, contact support.


Why can’t I receive any emails from FreeFly881?

If you cannot receive emails for Confirmation Code, Deletion Code, or Forget Password reset link please check your spam or junk mail folder. Sometimes it might have been sent to there.


Why can’t I receive any calls after idling for a while?

If your iOS device has no mobile data plan and only run on WiFi, the app idling can cause timeout. Please sign out and sign in again to continue calling.