About Us

FreeFly881 is a virtual global phone company for voice callings for Businesses. It connects businesses and customers globally through localized communication in the internet world. With rapidly growing of free Wi-Fi hotspots globally and getting more stable high-speed internet access nowadays, FreeFly881 makes everyone's dream come true on free voice calls in the internet world by simply using user's own mobile number or application generated number.

FreeFly881 will revolutionize the communications industry by offering a new way of voice callings for businesses and customers without any voice roaming fee globally.

FreeFly881 is building a unique virtual phone system for voice callings and Global Phone Book concept in the application network. Unlike to some popular voice calling apps in the mobile market, FreeFly881 does not have any landlines calling.

Say Good Bye to any voice roaming charges in FreeFly881.

It's that simple. One World. One Call.

Raymond Kwan